Le Manoir de Montecler à Saumur
Le Manoir de Montecler - 1 rue de la Barbacane 49350 Chênehutte - 02 41 38 43 49

Le Manoir de Montecler

Presentation of the Grounds

As you walk around the grounds with the Manoir on your left, you will first see a terrace with an Italian-made wrought iron garden table and chairs opposite a small pond which is home to a few goldfish.

Two flights of stone steps, to the left and right of the pond, lead you to the upper level.

In the grounds there are two troglodyte caves, side by side, that were lived in during the 18th century. You will also find a one hundred year old acacia at the end of the garden and a 19th century statue hidden by the lilac trees.

Then you can take a winding path that leads to the second terrace with its table and chairs and barbecue. This is where our guests take coffee after dinner which is served on the first terrace in the summer.

There is a quiet corner with an aviary, which is home to a pair of turtledoves, surrounded by loungers facing the River Loire.
Higher up, there is a little stone seat where you can enjoy the magnificent view of the chateau, the Loire, the right bank and the church of St Clément des Levées.

Some pictures of the Park

Montecler Manoir2
Facade Manoir
Vue Montecler
Terasse Montecler
Terasse Manoir
Status Montecler
Montecler Manoir
Entree Montecler
Region Montecler
Manoir Montecler
Deco Manoir
Jardin Montecler
Terrase Manoir
Facade Montecler
Montecler DSC8494
Montecler DSC8502
Deco Manoi 2
Montecler DSC8516
Montecler DSC8523
Montecler DSC8525
Bassin Manoir
Montecler DSC8540

History of “Manoir de Montecler”

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